Friday, June 15, 2012

My Narrative Writing Assessment

There was a scream coming from outside the house. It’s my little brother, and when I ran outside to see what was happening.
Why are you screaming?. I asked.
AHH”. There’s a ghost in the shed. A ghost!
“There’s no such thing,” I went to check the shed. I crept up the door. A crashing noise came from inside. I jumped back. What fright! . I tiptoed again towards the shed.
“Be careful,” my whispered in fear.
SHHH! I said.

I quietly opened up the door and gently put my head inside. To my surprise, it was dad. He was cleaning up the shed.
“BOO”, I said.
Dad got a fright and I started laughing.

My brother came and said ,”Did you catch the ghost?”
Dad is the ghost, I said.
I am cleaning the shed and the ghost went past me.

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