Friday, November 18, 2011

Walking to Dingle Dell reserve.

Monday the first of November.The bell rang the senior sendicate scrambled down the drive way like a bunch of running from a earthquake.We settled off walking up the road.Once we went passed some of the houses to cross to the other side most of them were tired already.

It was the most hottest day ever , going on a walk .I said to my self where are we walking Then we passed through the gas station to go to long drive then cars speed down the road as fast as possible we walked passed bus stops and beautiful mansions and bushes we asked Mr Hooker where the hell are we? are we lost no were almost here he replied.

were here he said we turned right to go down the hill.We finally arrived at Dingle dell reserve.
The senior syndicate sat down on the beautiful grass to check who was missing lucky no was missing room 6 and 5 leaded the way we scrambled down the steps it had lots of rocks and stones is well but when we went feather i didn't expect the smell to be what it was. We ran thought bushes and twigs and grass then we went through the path to get to a lovely view lovely grass we sat down and had lunch some of us were playing touch and we played hide and seek in the bushes and climbed trees and running around in circles then it finnaly time to go home.

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  1. Sweet story Siliva i lkie the way you describe it