Tuesday, July 12, 2011

During maths time we have this online site
called study-ladder.We often use it all the time it's
a good site for us students and it makes our brain get more facts and learn our basic facts easily. People is getting the use of it and focus on their time tables or multiplying.

Friday, July 8, 2011


In room7 we have been learning about sinking and floating. We were placing objects in a big container full of water. We saw the things that floated that stayed on top off the water and the things that sinked went under water.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

War letters

20 November 2010
878 blue skin Street
Tiki Tiki
New Zealand

Dear Mum and Dad,

Last week I was on patrol in the mountain valley and the roads were full of civilians wanting to be saved ,as their city was under attack by Warwick rebels. The Sargent told me to radio HQ for backup.I tried to reach HQ and request that next platoon of solders to come up smart quick as we needed backup but the radio frequency was not working , the old 1980’s radio set had broken down again . So to save lives we pushed ahead up the valley with out the knowledge that backup was on the way.

You know when we have lunch hear especially on patrol, it like when I was a courier drive back in Tiki Tiki, you eat quickly as your on the watch for the dangers which exist around you all the time.

Then later on that day, some enemies were told to come the and do there thing around the battle fields but then us solders went to have lunch.

See you back home