Thursday, March 31, 2011

Athletics at St Pius X Catholic school

On Friday 18th of March 2011 it was time for Saint Pius X first Athletic Day of the year. I was so nervous about sprinting with the other year7’s. We gathered in our house teams outside the classrooms and marched with our banners and flags waving, some of my classmates were chanting for their houses.

Mrs Pole was the race announcer and she called for the 5 yea old to go to the start line. This was the time for my little brother and my little cousin’s heat. Each year group went down to the start line one by one representing their house with pride, sprinting in their heats and then finals.It was so cool to chant and cheer the runners.

Well the sprints were almost finished and it time for the year 7’s race’s I was so nervous as my house leaders had high expectations .When Mr Gaffney said “get your marks” I felt I was going to die.GO! the year 7 boy’s went rushing down the lanes ,my legs shacking. Finally I reached the end of the finish line .

(Well you have written an interesting start to your recount..try and include things about the gathering before each team marched to the track, waving banners and flags, chanting. Also the house names, which hour u were in. was your brother in the same house, ..)

I enjoyed reading your work...I home the other recounts you have written in the last three weeks are just as good.