Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Suzie And The Space Nuts.

Our space ship is gone!....
To be continued

Gort ah.. wheres our ship Gort speak to me i have no idea what do you mean you have no! idea
it was just here Suzie would like me to help.Oh yes certainly that will help Thank you,where where would you like me look Gort,hang on a minute here's a clue the ship left ... a space chip.

Later on Suddenly we’ve found the mother load here it is oh that’s weired i remembered i left the space ship next door to Suzie’s house.Oh that’s right the space ship has an technical radio that records our recorded messages I must of said fly to the shopping centre and it might flu all the way here.So I guess its good bye for now Suzie good bye Gort good bye Freeble and have a safe trip back home.

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