Friday, June 3, 2011

Having a great tool

It is clear that in today’s world we must use computers as they have replaced the pen. As a learning tool in the classroom it provides me with access to Internet.The Internet enables me to do mathematics games and google doc.

I think it is clear that it is very awesome because it can help me with my keyboard typing and with my skill's generally.

It is very good because when there is a time when you want to tell some thing in Private to the teacher you can always chat with her online.

I think it is a very good tool because it is always helpful in the class cause when you have a presentation to share with the teacher with picture's in it and it can be done on line.

I think net book's are so incredible because our class is so lucky to get one of these net book tool's and I am so happy to have a Net book of my own too.

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